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Why Does My Dog Sit on My Lap While Chewing a Toy?


Your doggo's favorite bone or toy is her most valuable possession. Some pups love nothing more than to jump into your lap with that slobbery toy and do what dogs do best — chew. If you're wondering, "Why does my dog sit on my lap while chewing bones or toys?" the reason is actually pretty sweet. She loves you and wants to combine her two favorite things!

Why Do Dogs Love to Chew?

Pups chew for several reasons. First, it helps them explore new objects. Humans get a sense of an object by touching it with their fingertips. Since dogs don't have fingers, their mouths do the work. Chewing on an object lets her experience what an object feels and smells like.


Dogs also chew to relieve teething discomfort when they're young. When their adult teeth begin to erupt, it can hurt those sensitive puppy gums. The act of chewing helps relieve that discomfort, just as a teething ring would for an infant. It's important to make sure your pupper has appropriate chew toys to help her through this uncomfortable part of growing up.


Finally, she chews simply because it's something to do. The act of chewing can relieve boredom, stress, and nervousness. It's a fun way for her to pass the time — and that goes double if she's chewing a tasty bone.

Why Does My Dog Sit on My Lap to Chew?

When your pupper plops down in your lap and starts chewing, it can mean a few different things:


  • Your companion feels secure with you. She trusts you to protect her and her most valuable possession, and she wants to be close to you. It's actually a huge, if slimy, compliment.

  • She wants to play. 

Sometimes, chewing a bone or toy isn't enough, and your favorite furry friend wants to upgrade the party. 

  • She may jump onto your lap and wag her tail or give you "the look" to let you know she's ready to play. If so, and you're ready for some playtime, grab that toy and chuck it or start some epic tug of war.

  • She wants your attention. Doggo absolutely adores you and wants your attention, but she also wants to chew on her bone — best of both worlds! Chewing on her favorite toy while sitting in her favorite human's lap is her way of living her best life.

Training Her When, and Where, It's Best to Chew Toys

Perhaps you love the bonding lap time but want to avoid the slobber. You can discourage or redirect this behavior and teach your pupper what lap time is for. It's important not to discipline her for chewing her toy in your lap, though. She's showing how much she loves and trusts you. Disciplining her when she's trying to express her love may confuse her and could result in negative consequences in the trust department.


When your pooch jumps onto your lap with her bone, take the bone away and set it on the floor. If she stays in your lap for some petting, great! Give her some snuggles. If she gets down to retrieve her prize, praise her, then tell her no if she tries to climb back up and repeat as necessary.


If you'd prefer that your canine companion sit on your lap for a good, solid cuddle instead of chewing her slobbery bone on you, it should only take a few days of consistency to redirect her habits. That way you can both enjoy lap time even more.

Posted On: Jun 08, 22