Answers to our mostly commonly asked questions

Product Questions

  • No, please do not feed to cats. Our chews are scientifically formulated to support a species-specific need. They should only be fed to dogs.

  • Our products are designed to stay in a sealed bag for 12 to 18 months. Please check the expiration date printed on the back of the bag.

  • While the packaging is not recyclable, it is made with a minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled content.

  • We proudly produce these high-quality products in the USA with US and imported ingredients.

  • While the majority of our main ingredients for the chews are sourced from the U.S.A., there are select ingredients that are only found in certain global regions, or we chose to source from a region that is renowned for the highest quality. For example, KSM-66 Ashwagandha® is a high-quality, unique strain that is only available from India.

  • GoodGood complies with, and strives to exceed, all state and federal regulations and laws governing product quality and manufacturing practices. We carry the National Animal Supplement Council Quality Seal on every bag.

  • We have formulated our products using veterinarian and animal experts to choose the right ingredients and combination for efficacy. Our formulation team has over 50 years of experience formulating high-quality products for pets.

  • Yes. Our products are designed to delight all sizes and breeds. We recommend one (1) chew for every 25 pounds of body weight. You can split chews in half, if needed.

  • No. These chews are formulated for dogs and we do not recommend humans eat our chews.

  • No. Our chews contain a small amount of grain.

  • No. Our chews contain a small amount of soy.

  • Yes. These chews are good for most senior dogs. For dogs with few teeth, we recommend breaking up the chew to avoid possible choking hazards.

  • We recommend that you wait to give our chews to puppies over 16 weeks of age, unless recommended by a veterinarian.

  • Please consult your veterinarian when using with medication because every medication is different.

Account Management

  • Please review our Privacy Policy to learn more about data collection opt-out.

  • Please use our contact us form so we can reset your account access.

  • Please log in to your account or contact us to walk you through the details over the phone.

  • We accept all major credit cards. Payment is authorized immediately upon checkout, and the credit card is charged at time of shipping.

Shipping + Returns

  • Please contact Amazon or Chewy directly regarding your order. We do not have access to that information.

  • Please contact Amazon or Chewy directly regarding your order. We do not have access to that information.

  • We do not offer refunds. If you are unsatisfied with your order, please contact our Consumer Care team at 800-234-2269 during regular business hours 7:00AM – 3:45PM MST.

  • Track your order in your account. Have your order number handy. It can be found in the order confirmation in the email provided at time of purchase. Be sure to check your spam folder if you have not added goodgoodpet.com to your safe sender list.

  • In an effort to get you your product as soon as possible, orders are processed for fulfillment immediately after they are placed. Order cancellation or change requests must be made within 30 minutes after the order is placed, otherwise the order will be shipped. We cannot make changes to orders that are placed on weekends.

  • No. We do not ship outside the United States at this time.

  • Currently, we only ship to any states or territories within the contiguous or lower 48 states.

  • We cannot currently ship your order to a PO Box.  If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to our consumer care team at 800-234-2269

  • Yes, we can ship your order to a military address or APO.  Please be sure to select ground shipping for APO orders.

  • GoodGood orders placed with American Express cards appear as Central Life Sciences. Your order has been processed the same and you will shortly receive a GoodGood confirmation email.

Pricing and Promotions

  • Prices and promotions are reflected on our website at time of purchase. Amazon and Chewy may be running promotions of their own; please check those websites for more information.

  • If for any reason you are dissatisfied with this product, return the unused portion to your GoodGood retailer along with your receipt for replacement or refund or contact us directly at 800-234-2269.

  • The 2023 January & February shipping promotion ends on 2/28/23. There is no order quantity or size limit. Standard shipping terms apply; currently, we only ship to any states or territories within the contiguous or lower 48 states.


  • Yes! We’re looking to add people who are passionate about pet health & wellness to our team. Please see the latest job postings here.

  • Please reach out to our media contact Liz Nunan at lnunan@central.com. We look forward to speaking with you!